Jamaica is a destination for beach, nature and sunshine lovers. But whilst visitors to the island may not think of Jamaica as a shopping destination, the creativity of its artisans and entrepreneurship of its people have established Jamaica’s place as a regional shopping and creative hub.

From duty-free jewellery stores to stylish boutiques, plazas and craft markets, there are shopping areas to suit all tastes and pockets. For most store owners, it offers an ideal way to connect with their customers.

“As everyone is always on the go and decisions are sometimes spur of the moment, I find it much more efficient to have items ready to purchase,” says Janel Jolly, the creative talent behind the tropical swimwear brand Jae Jolly and who operates a private showroom in Kingston.

For all Things Jamaican, head to the stores of the same name, which partners with local artisans to promote their talents and products through larger channels. The services offered include marketing and retailing through the chain of stores, expos, trade shows, marketing and promotions. “These services provide some producers with a marketing outlet that they would not necessarily have access to or to additional market access,” says Janine Fletcher-Taylor, marketing manager at the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) and the chain of the unique Things Jamaican stores.

When shopping in Kingston, several boutiques have popped up to create a shopping haven, including KERRYManWomanHome, Flirt Boutique Eurowear and many more.

Visitors will also find an array of handmade crafts and jewellery around almost every corner in Jamaica. Our talented artisans have a style and aesthetic unique to the island, making our local works distinct throughout the world. Popular spots are craft markets and gift shops.