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Shop These Locally Made Souvenirs in Jamaica

By Kinisha Correia

These 100 percent made-in-Jamaica products are must-haves. Each exudes the unique vibe and spirit of Jamaican culture in its own way.

Story & Myth’s wildly popular line of blessing beads, malas (prayer beads) and stackable wrist beads are made of Job’s tears, a seed that grows on a grass by rivers in Jamaica, and semiprecious stones.

Aromatherapy products by Starfish Oils consist mainly of candles, soaps, oils and incense that are natural and handmade.

Sharon Feanny Aromatherapy features all-natural body oils and self-care products made with local, organic ingredients by Sharon Feanny, a pioneer of yoga and wellness in Jamaica.

Callaloo Jamaica was founded by a French fashion designer who has made Jamaica home. The line, mainly sold at the Callaloo Butik in Treasure Beach, includes clothing for women, girls and babies, as well as accessories and home décor.

Walkerswood Caribbean Foods offers a line of more than 20 sauces, seasonings and condiments made from fresh produce. Whilst its jerk products are a staple, its hot pepper sauces, chutneys, canned ackee and callaloo are also very popular.

Founded by brother and sister dream team Duane and Teasea Bennet, Rêve Jewellery boasts unique, 100 percent handmade pieces that have caught the eye of everyone in Jamaica and even a few celebrities.

The luxury jewellery line by Peace-is of Bianca is a mix of elegance, attention to detail and spirited reverence inspired by the many moods of nature.

Touch by VLS creates innovative, elegant ceramic art and home pieces. The signature collection, The Urchin Collection, replicates the form of sea urchins with ceramics. Lamps, tea sets, crockery and other items are also sold.

Colourful images of Jamaica’s natural beauty, urban artisanship and local wildlife are captured in Visionarri Creations’ stylish accessories, including purses, clutches and even notebooks.

A true Jamaican must-have, Coffee Roasters of Jamaica has been cultivating mouthwatering Blue Mountain coffee for more than 16 years. This successful family-run business sells whole beans, roast and ground coffee, plus delicious rum cakes. You can find these products in many souvenir shops.