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Live music reigns during Spring Break 2016 in Jamaica

It’s that time of year. You’ve hustled at work and winter blues are taking their toll. Why not escape to the land of fun in the sun during your hard-earned and well-deserved Spring Break?  If visions of sun, sand and great music are dancing reggae in your head, it’s time to book that flight. 

Brit Jam 

March 9 –15

Montego Bay will become the oasis of non-stop party action. This event will bring an infusion of British, American and Jamaican cultures against the backdrop of an adventurous party atmosphere. The week-long concert series will be packed with the familiar faces of popular DJs and artists hailing from Great Britain, the U.S. and Jamaica. Brit Jam will also feature a festive string of themed parties and road trips. 

Paradise Lost 

March 10-12

This event brings electronic dance music (EDM) back to its roots, as “dub” was famously invented in Kingston. During this three-day EDM festival, top EDM DJs, including Tiesto and Bassnectar, will be complemented by performances by local Jamaican artists. 

Earth Hour Concert 

March 26

The Earth Hour Concert will bring the island together for a massive acoustic concert. The event originated in Australia and is meant to highlight conversations about how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and green living. Jamaicans across the island will turn off their lights and come together to fight climate change while doing what Jamaicans do best, making beautiful world-changing music together. 

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Story by Meagan Harrin

Photo: Courtesy of Jamaicans Music Facebook