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Jamaica Blues

Sometime between summer and spring, Jamaica’s colours reach their crescendo. While we are still enjoying cool breezes and the occasional mild morning, the sun is now positioned perfectly for our island colours to truly shine. From the heavenly azures of the ocean that can be seen glowing from even as far as the top of our lush mountains, to the crystal-clear aquas that tickle your toes as you stroll along the shore, Jamaica’s wide spectrum of hues will amaze you at every turn.

In the spirit of this pitch-perfect season, here are Jamaica’s most stunning blues. How many blues can you spot during one visit?


Sapphire @ BlueBeat Jazz & Martini Bar

Blue Beat Restaurant Mb_rs_BlueB02

Cyan @ Rockhouse Hotel
Rockhouse - credit Rockhouse

Electric Blue @ Glistening Waters

  1. Bioluminescent water - credit Glistening WatersRoyal Blue @ Jamaica InnPremier Verandah SuiteAqua @ Seven Mile BeachMax SMBAzure @ Jamaica Inn

  2. Cottage 3 Infinity PoolTurquoise @ Martha Brae RiverJamicaHomeBannerCerulian @ Font Hill BeachFont Hill Beach park Sc_bc_Fonthill80Ceil @ dinnerCrab Ff_gl-Crabs02

  3. Photo credits: The Jamaica Tourist Board, Glistening Waters Hotel, Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica Inn and Our Jamaica Magazine.