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5 Ways to Get in Touch With Mother Nature in Jamaica

By Alicia Loredo

Jamaica should definitely be on any nature-lovers’ bucket list of places to visit. From striking views of the Caribbean to finding peace within its plethora of relaxing locations, feel the serenity that these five natural landmarks bring.

1. Explore the Blue Mountains

For an unspoilt taste of Jamaica’s natural beauty, savvy travellers head to the Blue Mountains, one of the highest mountain ranges in the Caribbean, rising up more than 7,000 feet within 10 miles of Kingston’s coast. These hills offer a serene escape from the city, as well as spectacular vistas. Hike, camp, zipline, picnic or get a taste of Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountain Coffee at a coffee plantation tour—the possibilities for outdoor fun are virtually endless.

2. Swim in Glistening Waters
Imagine swimming in a mineral lagoon that lights up as you propel yourself through its waters—that’s exactly what you get when you visit Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica. The best way to experience such wonder is through the Glistening Waters tour, where the science behind the magic is unveiled. After a satisfying dinner and cocktail at its restaurant, buy a ticket to the tour starting dusk and set sail for your 35- to 40-minute tour on a boat as it agitates the water into a pool of mother natures’ very own light show.

3. Relax at Fern Tree Spa
Relax at Jamaica’s largest spa, the Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon with its earthy personalised treatments. Surrounded by a garden of fruit trees all of the spa’s signature treatments begin with a Spa Welcome Ritual, which is known as the “celebration of nature.” Pineapple, aloe, ginger, pimento, rosemary, sage and lavender are all planted around the spa and are incorporated into many of the treatment preparations. Whether you’re a couple looking to get away from the city or a family looking to bond in relaxation, the Fern Tree Spa accommodates to all in an unforgettable ambiance.


4. Stay at Rockhouse
If you’re craving a view, Rockhouse hotel will definitely fulfill your desires with its breathtaking sights of the Caribbean. A perfect blend of cuisine, relaxation and fun are offered on a daily basis. Take a dip into the crystal clear waters of Negril’s Pristine Cove or meditate to the beat of African drums in a serene yoga session. Whatever you choose, all activities are easy to access thanks to its unqiue off-the-cliff design.

5. Go rafting on the Martha Brae River
You can’t leave Jamaica without a visit to River Matibereon. Legend has it that it was once inhabited by an old Arawak witch looking for gold. The best way to absorb all of its natural beauty is Jamaica’s number one rafting attraction that takes you on a ride along the three-mile river with a complimentary fruity drink upon arrival. Gold or not, this site truly has treasures of its own, such as Miss Martha’s Herb Garden, famous for its presentation of Jamaican herbs with medicinal and healing properties.