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Happy New Year 2016!

The outlook for 2016? Plenty of sunshine with a strong chance of warm Caribbean breezes. Our Jamaica Magazine wishes you and yours a wonderful new year with plenty of love, health and many happy travels […]

Jamaica Treasure Hunter: The Gift Guide

There is no better time than the holiday season to do some shopping so don’t forget to spare sufficient time for some retail therapy while you’re soaking the sun in Jamaica. Evening at Goldeneye Photo via […]

Make yourself at home in Jamaica

These days, travelers don’t feel like they get their money’s worth until they make a real connection with a destination. This often entails going “off the beaten path” and wandering off the all-inclusive property in […]

How Jamaica gets your writing groove back

“I wrote every one of the Bond thrillers here with the jalousies closed around me so that I would not be distracted by the birds and the flowers and the sunshine outside…Would these books have […]

Blog Hermosa Cove

Stay Your Way at Hermosa Cove in Exotic Jamaica

Have the island vacation of your dreams in sunny, endlessly fascinating and totaling enchanting Jamaica. The Arawaks, who were the original settlers of the island, came from South America and called the islands Xaymaca,  the […]

Jamaica - Couples Resort

Discover Romance in Jamaica With Couples Resorts

White sand beaches and crystal blue Caribbean water make Jamaica the perfect place for a romantic vacation. The stunning landscape and vibrant culture of Jamaica have made it one of the top destinations for vacations […]

Jamaica - Club Mobay

Travel to Jamaica VIP-Style With Club Mobay’s Airport Services

Receive VIP treatment from the moment your plane touches down in Jamaica with VIP Attractions. Whether you are visiting this island paradise with the entire family, on business, or for a destination wedding, the VIP experience […]

Blog - Jamaica River Raft

Relax on the Martha Brae River

Discover the beautiful scenery along the Martha Brae River as you travel on a thirty-foot bamboo raft. The three mile journey will take you on a winding path of beautiful scenery, offering a unique Jamaican […]

Jamaica - Spanish Court

Discover the Spanish Court Hotel

Are you travelling to Jamaica? Make sure to book your hotel reservation with the Spanish Court Hotel! At the Spanish Court, they are dedicated to providing for all of their guests needs and special requests. […]

Blog - Chukka Cat

It’s Time to Play with Chukka Adventures

Chukka Adventures was born from the tradition when polo players took their horses swimming to relax their muscles after an intense game of Polo. The owner of Chukka Adventures, Danny Melville bridged the gap between […]