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First-time visitors to Jamaica are often struck by not only the beauty of this land, but also the warmth and pleasure that are embodied in all that is Jamaica. From the quiet glows of a sunset and the pulsating rhythms of our reggae music, to the unique appeal of our food, tourist activities and natural happiness of our people, this is truly a pleasure-seeker’s dream come true. And there is so much here for you to experience. Whether you are looking to enjoy the many miles of beach along your adventure trek or play the chameleon while soaking in the magnificent mountain views; there awaits a myriad of tourist attractions and activities for a fun-filled vacation. Coupled with this, you will find that our range of accommodations will cater to your particular preference — from the faster tempo of some of our larger properties to the intimate and serene surroundings of a tucked-away property. Our world-class offerings and accommodations in Jamaica are priceless, and the high rate of repeat tourists that come to our shores is testament to this.

You are now a part of the great family of Jamaican visitors who can say, “Once You Go, You Know.”

Couples Resorts Jamaica

With two of our resorts in Travel + Leisure’s Top 5 world’s best and all four in the top 20, family-owned Couples Resorts welcomes you to our unique brand of barefoot elegance. From world-class activities […]


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20 Mar 2018

8 Music Festivals to Experience in Jamaica

Posted by : vmartin

Music, especially reggae music, is the heartbeat of Jamaica. The island’s musical roots date back to the 1600s, when the English first colonized the island and brought Africans slaves to the region. Since then, Jamaican […]

2 Mar 2018

Tamara Morin-Harding Brings New Life to Fallen Trees

Posted by : vmartin

by Rachel Barret Two years ago, local advertising maven, mother of two and well-loved bon vivant Tamara Morin-Harding decided that she would approach her 40th birthday and new empty nest household with an unconventional shift […]

17 Jan 2018

24 Hours in Kingston

Posted by : vmartin

By Sadeke Brooks Tap into the pulse of Jamaica’s energetic capital and discover history and natural beauty in one day. 8:00 a.m. Discover hidden waterfalls A great way start to your day is to dive […]